Sunday, July 09, 2006

ben stein is right again

Once again, Ben Stein is right. Read his column today -- actor, game-show host, economist, conservative pundit, former GOP adviser Stein correctly notes the accelerating trend towards higher wages for the bosses and lower wages for the rest of us, the vastly decreased tax burden on the wealthy, our profligate spending and borrowing habits (because it's easier to borrow than to expect politicians to do the honest thing and raise taxes, or in de facto President Bush's case, to at least stop CUTTING taxes on the wealthy), and notes that it ain't the children of the rich who are dying in Iraq.

Stein asks a tough question about American in 2006: "Is this still a community of the heart, or a looting opportunity?"

You don't have to be a liberal to ask these questions, and you don't have to be a liberal to share Stein's concerns about the direction America is headed.