Monday, July 03, 2006

condi for president?

So, what does Condoleezza Rice offer as a presidential candidate for the Republicans? Competence? Nah, she was National Security Advisor when the de facto Bush Administration went into Iraq, she deserves some of the blame for that.

Electoral experience? Nah, she's never run for office.

Charisma as a candidate? To some extent. And she looks REALLY charismatic when you compare her to Bill Frist.

A fresh start? Well, she is a black woman which is different for the GOP. But she is perhaps THE single closest person in this group to the President, so she can't credibly run as an outsider.

Nah, I think it's the hope that running somebody like Rice, seen as a moderate and with some obvious differences from the usual parade of White Males can stop the drop in popularity for the GOP among many groups -- including women, blacks, and hispanics. But whether you like her or not, and whether she is more moderate on abortion or civil rights than the current crowd or not, remember -- she voluntarily associates herself with the party of Pat Robertson, Rick Santorum, and Tom DeLay.