Saturday, July 01, 2006

death and cynicism in iraq

Funny, but since that maggot al-Zarqawi was killed, deaths of US soldiers and Iraqi civilians continue apace, the latest being this big blast in a Baghdad market that has killed at least 60 people. You'd think that perhaps that stupid Jordanian wasn't the only person involved in the anti-occupation resistence in Iraq.

But still our noble leaders tell us that things are going well enough for us to begin reducing troop levels starting in September. I'm sure it is a sheer coincidence that this drawdown is set for two months before the November midterm congressional elections. Just as it was surely a coincidence that the last time they discussed troop reductions in Iraq was right before the 2004 presidential elections.

I mean, we wouldn't want to impugn the integrity of the Republican party by implying they are playing partisan politics with the anti-terror campaign and the war in Iraq*, now would we? I mean, it would be simply wrong if for example the Republicans were to cynically use the recent Supreme Court decision reminding us all that we have a president, not a king, to try to make the Democrats appear soft on terrorists, right? Oops, wait, they ARE planning to do just that. Kudos to Karl Rove and his ilk in the Republican Politburo for putting Party ahead of country.

*two separate things, by the way...