Friday, June 09, 2006

terrorist plot in suburban maryland

Terrorism plot unveiled, no accomplices arrested.

You wouldn't expect that headline, would you? You would figure if a guy was arrested for building a bomb in a home owned by a friend, a bomb he intended to use against a public building to advance his religious and political cause, the investigators might want to arrest the friend, too? And they'd arrest anybody else the guy was associated with, right? As they have done in many cases here in the USA.

If they'd been Middle Eastern types with beards, this is exactly what would have happened. But they weren't, judging from their names. The one guy (Robert Weiler) planned to bomb an abortion clinic. I know Weiler's planned bombing would probably not have killed more than a handful of people. But somehow, I suspect the anti-terror forces would swooping down on this much more aggressively if the guy's name had been Ahmed.