Saturday, June 24, 2006

a farewell to spelling

Longtime TV producer Aaron Spelling died Friday, aged 83. Let us honor Spelling for the thousands of hours of quality television he bestowed upon us.

"Starsky and Hutch," with its penetrating insights into the interplay of ethnic Americans in a gritty urban environment, particularly Huggy Bear, perhaps the most Othello-like tragic figure to ever appear on American television. "Charlie's Angels," which showed that women could be taken seriously as crime-fighters, and weren't just pretty tools to be manipulated by faceless men to their own advantage. "Dynasty," which depicted the difficulties and heartbreaks faced by families who suffered and struggled and sacrificed to put oil in our gas tanks. "Melrose Place," which introduced us to California style apartment architecture. "The Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island," masterpieces of psycho-drama, where regular Americans learned Important Lessons about their Daily Lives. And finally, "Beverly Hills 90210," which introduced America to Tori Spelling, daughter of Aaron, whose rare beauty is only exceeded by her remarkable thespian talents.

Oh well, at least he never invaded Iraq.