Wednesday, June 21, 2006

living is (un)easy by the big lake

Gosh, why wouldn't the good people of southern Florida not trust in the big hill surrounding Lake Okeechobee that passes for a flood control system? Surely it couldn't be undermined by rising waters and heavy rain, could it?

Advice for the people downstream and near from the big lake -- don't stay at home if a hurricane passes your way. Because as the Post noted, 'Portions of the dike "bear a striking resemblance to Swiss cheese," according to the engineers' report, which extensively cites Army Corps of Engineers documents.'

The same engineers' reports puts the chances of a failure of the dike at 1 in 6 every year! Yikes. Sooner or later, that '1' will come up. And will that return southern Florida and the Everglades to their original form?