Monday, June 12, 2006

coulter news. stolen election not news.

Howie Kurtz lavishes attention on Ann Coulter, asking whether it is time for the media to stop lavishing attention on Ann Coulter. One guy ("Today" executive producer Jim Bell) said they reported on her because "She made news."

But did she really? I mean, Coulter (massively over-rated as a beauty) writing and saying hateful, libelous things about liberals isn't really news, that's like saying George W. Bush went to Crawford to clear brush. It's old news and really not worthy of attention. Coulter is just a nasty hag who has learned that when she rings the bell by lying and saying outrageous things about Democrats and foreigners, that the media salivates.

But the mainstream media is all over Coulter's new book and her vile accusations about 9/11 widows. Meanwhile, they completely ignored Robert Kennedy Jr's long, detailed exposition in Rolling Stone about the stealing of the election in Ohio in 2004. As a commentary in the Seattle Post Intelligencer noted, the main stream media decided it wasn't "news". But Coulter's screeds are. I see.