Monday, January 23, 2006

abramoff and bush

Time has seen five photographs of de facto President George W. Bush together with former superlobbyist/current pariah Jack "College Republican" Abramoff.

Meanwhile, blogger extraordinaire Billmon has a great collection of quotes by and about Jack Abramoff here. Yes, this is a REPUBLICAN scandal. The fact that some Indian tribes gave money to Democrats like Harry Reid and Byron Dorgan (Dorgan is vice chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee) doesn't make them Abramoff's tools -- they have been supportive of Indian issues for many years and have long been recipients of campaign contributions. Their donations to Reid or Dorgan or others didn't have ANYTHING to do with Abramoff directing that money.

This is a REPUBLICAN scandal. No Democrats got personal Abramoff money, or the fancy golf trips etc.

A quote (from Billmon's site), to close:

"If you look around Washington, D.C., today, and you look around College Republicans 20 years ago . . . if you look at who's running the town . . . they're all from College Republicans."

Jack Abramoff, quoted in: "College Republicans raring to go in 2004", from Gannett News Service, July 25, 2003

I knew College Republicans when I was at school. They were a big reason I'm not a Republican.