Saturday, October 15, 2005

those anonymous comments

Sometimes I get comments on an item as soon as I post it. Usually from people with "blogs" that are selling real estate or advertising cell phones or something, not from "real" readers. I delete them all.

They happen so quickly, they must be automated. Isn't technology wonderful? I wonder how effective these spam-comments are? Does anybody out there actually follow those links? If you do, STOP IT! If we quit responding to these stupid spam-comments and quit responding to spam email, they will eventually fade away. But as long as 0.01% of us are gullible, greedy, or stupid enough to believe these scam artists, we're gonna be stuck with it.

Now, if anybody would like to give me their bank account information, I have access to $20 million in Nigeria but I need a partner who will give me access to their bank account so I can spirit it out of the country, I'll be glad to give you $2 million but first I need $10,000 to make sure you are an honest partner...