Friday, October 14, 2005

coulter attacks laura!

I am not exactly a fan of Ann Coulter, but this is a rare thing -- Coulter attacking a Republican. Leggy ice-bitch Ann doesn't much care for the Miers nomination, and Coulter even compares Laura Bush to -- hsss -- Hillary Clinton!

In the sphere of the wingnuts, there is no lower insult. That said, there is something to Coulter's point that Miers' "firsts" don't really compare to those of Ginsburg or O'Connor, a generation earlier. But the crack at SMU law isn't fair -- yes Harvard grads on average have higher test scores than SMU law grads, but you don't appoint raw 25 year old law grads to the Court, you appoint 40-, 50-, 60-year old people with experience.

Wait, wait -- Coulter WANTS Harvard law grads on the Court??? Wow, she HAS flipped.