Thursday, September 01, 2005

no saints this year

The NBA and NFL are considering what to do with the New Orleans Hornets and Saints for the upcoming seasons. The NBA is even considering the idea that the city may not be ready for pro basketball until October of 2006.

Ouch. I don't blame the NBA and NFL -- they have seasons to run. But American cities really identify with their pro sports teams, and pay absurd premiums to have such teams. It's just one more thing for the Gulf Coasters. Dunno if Saints owner (and San Antonio resident) Tom Benson will use this as an excuse to move the team permanently to the Alamo, or if he will be shamed into staying in New Orleans. Oops, sorry -- I didn't mean to imply that the owners of professional sports teams actually feel any shame in using anything they can to coerce localities to build them new taxpayer-funded facilities, but it'll be difficult to justify that for the people of Louisiana right now.