Saturday, August 20, 2005

reviving the big lie

Today de facto president Bush revived the big lie -- that we are in Iraq to stop terrorists from attacking us in the USA. He explicitly linked our war in Iraq to the events of September 11. I'll repeat the basic facts: Saddam and his Baathist regime, while brutal, had no links to international terrorism, nor to Al Qaeda, and of the two countries most responsible for the attacks of September 11, Bush (correctly) invaded one -- Afghanistan -- and (incorrectly) continued to coddle the other -- Saudi Arabia. Iraq diverted international resources from Afghanistan before the job was done there, which is why Bin Laden and the Taliban leadership are still at large.

And how is the US campaign in Iraq going? Just groovy -- concerning the draft constitution, our diplomats are conceding ground to those who would establish an Islamic republic, and General Schoomaker admitted the Army is prepared to be in Iraq at the current level for four more years -- or longer.

Mission accomplished?