Friday, August 12, 2005

crying fraud

For some reason, about 8 years ago I ended up on Republican National Committee mailing list; I have no idea how they got my email address. I never asked to be removed; I figured I was costing them a billionth of a cent or something to contact, and it is sometimes good to see what the GOP is up to.

Well, yesterday I got a letter from my close personal friend Michael DuHaime, the RNC Political Director. It had a big heading -- VOTER FRAUD ALERT. "Cool," I thought, "the GOP is going to tell me about their next plans to defraud voters." Wrong. The RNC wanted to alert me to a study by the American Center for Voting Rights Legislative Fund which has uncovered thousands of Americans disenfranchised by the Democrats in 2004. The Center's report, which you can read (if you can stomach it) here, fixes only on Democrat anti-voting activities.

Pardon my skepticism. The Center claims to be nonpartisan, and lists a "Brian A. Lunde", allegedly a prominent Democrat, as chairman. Well, it looks like Brian was actually a leading member of "Democrats for Bush" in 2004 so we can discount his position as a prominent Democrat. This Center is nothing but a front for the GOP, laying down smokescreens of bullshit about Democrat voter fraud in Washington State and Ohio. It is there to mislead anybody who manages to hear something about the Ohio vote in 2004 (let alone the statistically improbably county-by-county pattern in Florida) and does a google search -- some people will end up at this place and won't understand the nature of the Center. The timing of the Center's creation (February 2005) and the fact that Fox News' Tony Snow is featured on the web site might be clues.

Just one more thread in the vast right-wing conspiracy's media disinformation web. I feel sick.