Sunday, August 07, 2005

some sunday stuff

Liberal thinktank project

If I were a rich man ... I'd cough up a few bucks to support this project. This is a good idea -- the Republicans have certainly gotten a lot of mileage out of the American Enterprise Institute, Cato, and other right-wing thinktanks. Any rich people reading this, please help!

Not-so-lucky Lima

These poor Marine reservists from Ohio are not having a good war lately. I wish them luck. I hate this war from before it started, and one reason I hate it is the sense that these poor guys are being killed to no good end.

Attitudes on privacy

Interesting editorial today in the Times about the different approaches towards privacy in Europe and the US. Summary: "in Europe, privacy is a right; in America, it's an economic commodity." Did you know that in many states if I have your car's license plate number, I can get your name, home address, phone number and maybe even social security number for just a few bucks? Certainly makes it easier to stalk people... not that I would!