Tuesday, July 19, 2005

intimidating scientists

Republican chair of the House Energy & Commerce Committee Joe Barton (TX) is investigating three scientists who have the nerve to chart the rapid warming here on Planet Earth over recent years. Barton insists he is merely looking into a "dispute" (relying on two Canadian scientists' doubts, definitely a minority view in the scientific community) about the science. Barton ominously told the scientists that his review of their data will have a bearing on this federally-funded research.

To his credit, New York Republican Sherman Boehlert has called Barton out on this, stating baldly that he fears Barton is trying to intimidate the scientists.

Gosh, a Texas Republican casting doubt on climate change. Where have we heard that one before? Add intimidation to the usual GOP tactics of telling lies, calling for "better science", and ignoring what they don't want to hear from the scientific community. How medieval.