Tuesday, April 21, 2009

tortured logic

It's always good to see a Marc Thiessen op-ed piece in the Post because I know it will be easy to read and understand. Deep he ain't.

For example, today he is writing about what he daintily calls enhanced interrogation. You and I know it as torture. Thiessen says the extra-special interrogations worked and saved lives and got good information!

How does he prove his point? By citing one lonely memo from Bush's Justice Department. The same Justice Department that provided that lovely legal reasoning by which things like waterboarding and walling and sleep deprivation - things we would be very irate about were they done to Americans - are not considered torture also said that not only is it not torture, it works!

Well, accepting the defense's testimony as proof that the defense is innocent would make Thiessen a bad lawyer. But it makes him a good Bush speechwriter, since this is a rather thin defense for the ex-Bush types. And not even a good one.

Oh, and Thiessen at the end says lots and lots of people will die because Obama released the info, yadda yadda yadda.



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