Tuesday, September 11, 2007

so this is progress

Unsurprisingly, General David Petraeus has proclaimed that the surge has brought progress in Iraq. Never mind the fact that the GAO a few days ago said Iraq had met the political goals in 3 of 18 areas. Never mind the fact that, despite all the messing with statistics, that violence continues in most of Iraq unabated.

Pardon me for my skepticism. You know if the real numbers were improving, the de facto Bush White House would declassify the information.

In any case, although Petraeus says some troops can be withdrawn - slowly - it is clear that, despite the famous photo op in May 2003, it is still far from "mission accomplished" in Iraq. Unless of course the mission was to wreck Iraq, to give Muslims more reasons to hate America, to waste hundreds of billions of dollars, and to bring the US Army to the verge of collapse - those missions are going along quite well.



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