Saturday, August 19, 2006

why does texas hate religion?

Well, Texas really doesn't hate religion -- but Stafford, a Houston suburb, is trying to rein in the number of churches that set up shop in their town. Nothing against the religions -- it's purely a question of money. Stafford can only afford so many free-riding churches, that consume city services but pay no taxes.

That's an interesting problem, and some other towns around the country share it. Hope Stafford can figure something out. Seems as long as they apply their concerns evenly -- that is, they don't approve a Baptist church but disapprove a Bahai temple -- they should be allowed to do something on this.

One of the council members has been asking new churches why they choose to build in Stafford. They all answer, "we prayed and God told us." Now, that's a bit unfair to Stafford -- surely God owes a more detailed answer, like "Stafford is convenient to the highway" or "land prices are cheap?"