Tuesday, August 08, 2006

corruption update, aka republican congressional news

Corrupt Ohio Republican (but I repeat myself) Bob Ney has decided not to seek reelection to the House. Official reason -- Ney doesn't want to put his family through an ordeal. The ordeal of course, comes about because of Ney's corrupt dealings with Jack Abramoff -- you know, taking all that money and those free trips. So Ney could have avoided the ordeal by being a clean politician. It's his own damn fault. Boo hoo.

And ironically, the Texas GOP has been forced to keep the disgraced Tom DeLay on the ballot for his former seat. The courts have rejected the contention that DeLay had really vacated his district; the fact that Mrs. DeLay still lives in their Sugar Land house demonstrates DeLay hasn't really cut ties to Texas. But the Bugman has vowed to fight the unfair decision to keep him on the ballot, so stay tuned.